How to Tag Items

  • Use the tag template (available for download on the Downloads page) or 3×5 index cards.
  • Cardstock required.
  • Separate clothing into 2 groups, boys and girls and organize each group by size.
  • Enter a “D” if you’d like the item to be donated, the size and a brief, yet catchy description for each item.
  • Leave space at the bottom of the tag for barcode label REQUIRED.
  • Affix barcode labels to the bottom of the tag for each item.
  • Please only use safety pins to attach the cards to clothing, blankets, etc. This prevents tags from falling off and fingers from getting pricked.
  • Use STRONG tape, string or zip-ties to attach cards to plastic toys.
  • For odd shaped toys and other non-clothes items: If the tag can’t be securely attached with packing tape, zip tie or safety pin, please affix barcode directly to the object.
  • For shoes: Zip tie shoes together and place a smaller version of the tag or just the barcode label on the inside sole of the shoe. Jot the size on the barcode.
  • Each item is hung with hanger hook facing left (like a question mark) with the tag safety-pinned on the upper right corner.
  • About tagging guns: If you use a tagging gun, your tag MUST be attached to the garment tag (inside the collar or waistband) or at a seam (underarm preferred) to prevent holes. Do not use your tagging gun to attach pants to a top to create an outfit.  Safety pins must be used in this instance to attach all pieces to the hanger.