Item Preparation

How to Sort, Hang & Bag

  • Spring & Summer clothing only this time.
  • Clean and pressed/fluffed clothing.
  • Check clothes for stains, holes, “pills”, etc.
  • Toys should work with batteries. They won’t sell if they don’t function.
  • Best shoes only.
  • Create outfits – they sell very well.
  • Wire hangers are usually sold at Dollar Stores or Wal-Mart.
  • Hang items with hook facing left (like a question mark).
  • Pants/shorts should be hung with the waist band safety-pinned to the top part of the hanger.
  • Multiple-piece items (bedding, toys, accessories) should be packaged in a way that reduces risk of separation.
  • We recommend ziploc bags, especially the XL bags for large items.
  • Don’t tag multiple times if all items are sold as a set.
  • Zip-ties shoes together. Affix the barcode on the inside (in-sole) of the shoe.
  • Clothing does not sell well at all in ziploc bags (except for infant onesies & some sleepers). Hang clothing items and sell more!