Drop-off/Pick-Up Procedures

Drop Off Procedure:

Fri (3/8)  9am-5pm, by appt.

Sat (3/9)  9am-5pm, by appt.

Please arrive on time for your scheduled drop-off appointment. If you come outside of your scheduled time, we will have an area for you to wait until we can work you in.

Before you drop off, please double check the following then follow the instructions below:

  • Each item is hung with hanger hook facing left (like a question mark) with the tag safety-pinned on the upper right corner
  • Each item has a tag with a barcode label
  • Clothing should be separated into 2 groups, boys and girls and each group organized by size
  • Well-organized = Quicker drop-off

1. Please sign in at check-in and you will receive your Presale Tickets.

  • If you are a volunteer, you will receive one Volunteer Presale ticket for you and two Consignor Presale tickets to share with friends.
  • If you are a consignor, you will receive one Consignor Presale ticket for you and two Consignor Presale tickets to share with friends.

2. Take clothing and shoes to the clothing inspection area and take all toys and other items to the toy inspection area.

3. If you need additional barcodes, take those items to the barcode station (at the check-in area) while your other items are being inspected.

5. Once your items have been inspected, we welcome you to help us put them out on the sales floor.

6. Please allow 20-30 minutes for drop off.

Pick Up Procedure:

NKY:  Mon (3/18)  3pm – 7pm

1. Pick up unsold items in the following areas:

  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Toys/Books/Infant items
  • Lost tags/Defective items

2. Go to inspection tables to have all items “inspected” to make sure they are all yours.

3. Take inspection ticket to check-out to pick up your check.  If you don’t plan to attend pick-up, your check will be mailed to you within 7-10 days.

4. We cannot be held responsible for any items that you leave behind. Items not picked up by the end of the designated pickup day/time will be donated to a local charity. We cannot make any exceptions due to the tight deadline we have in cleaning up the venue. Thank you for understanding.