Barcoding available February 1 – March 4 (11pm).

  • login to your seller account
  • enter barcodes – enter qty, price, & discount or no discount
  • click submit and make note of your batch # (please submit only one batch. Multiple batches may incur additional postage fees).
  • Pick-up barcodes 4 days after you placed your order

Barcode Pickup Location:

8660 Bankers Street
Florence, KY 41042

Or have them mailed to you for the cost of postage ($1-$4 depending on batch size.) Confirm that your correct mailing address is correct on your consignor account, then email after you submit your barcode order to let me know you want them mailed instead.

Need a few extras? No problem. Barcode printing is available on-site during most drop-off hours.

What’s on the barcode?

  • Your consignor number
  • Item price
  • Discount option for 1/2 price day – if you choose “No Discount” that is printed on the barcode

What about pricing?

  • Price items to sell: consider brand name, age, condition. We recommend knocking at least 70%-75% off retail price then adjusting from there.
  • Pricing should be in $.50 increments. (ex. $2.00, $2.50, not $2.25) Items not priced in $.50 increments will be reduced to the closest whole dollar amount.
  • $1 is our lowest full price.
  • If you are donating items, let them go for 1/2 price on the final day.  If you bring re-stock, make a point to bring your “no disc” items to regular drop-off and allow re-stock to go 1/2 price. We have high traffic on 1/2 price day, so your sales will increase and you will take home less!

How do I prepare tags?  Click here for instructions.