Volunteer with Little T

Worker incentives*:

  • Work 1 shift = ticket to exclusive worker pre-sale @ 5pm
  • Work 2 shifts = sellers earn 75% + ticket to exclusive worker pre-sale @ 5pm
  • Work 3 shifts (one shift must be during re-sort) = sellers earn 80% + you shop first @ 2pm**
  • Work 4 shifts (one shift must be during re-sort) = sellers earn 85% + you shop first @ 2pm**
  • Any 3 shifts = entrance to 2pm worker sale
  • Any 2 inspection shifts = Little T Fast Pass: This pass allows you to make your purchases without waiting in the main line during the pre-sale (there will be a special checkout station).

1 shift = 4 hours

Tickets are required for the worker presale, and you must be a seller in order to work. Workers receive one ticket for the appropriate worker pre-sale.  If you and a friend share an account and work the sale, only one worker pre-sale ticket is given for the one account. Grandparents or co-parents may enter on the worker ticket.

Have friends that want to get in on a pre-sale?  Pass along your extra seller pre-sale ticket you receive at drop-off!

Not selling with us?

We apologize for the change, but workers who are not selling fall into a grey area when it comes to state labor laws.  You have options, though!  We recommend rounding up your 20 best items (that’s all it takes to sell with us), and sell a few things in order to work and come to the worker pre-sale.  Or, team up with a friend to either secure their extra seller pre-sale ticket or tag 20 of their items, register them under your name, and give your friend the proceeds at the end.

*Incentives apply to only one registered account.

**Higher level incentives are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once those shifts are full, we will start a waiting list. Please email waitlist@littletsale.com.

Please finalize your work shifts by August 1.  No further changes to work shifts can be made online through your account after that time. Thank you!