Workshift Schedule/Signup

We are so appreciative of our workers and they are critical to the success of the sale. We work as a team and enjoy the benefits of exclusive shopping, extra earnings and new friends. It’s important that you read the worker agreement prior to signing up for a shift.

The Perks

  • Work 1 shift = ticket to exclusive worker pre-sale @ 5pm
  • Work 2 shifts = sellers earn 75% + ticket to exclusive worker pre-sale @ 5pm
  • Work 3 shifts (one shift must be during re-sort) = sellers earn 80% + you shop first @ 2pm**
  • Work 4 shifts (one shift must be during re-sort) = sellers earn 85% + you shop first @ 2pm**
  • Any 3 shifts = entrance to 2pm worker sale
  • Any 2 inspection shifts = Little T Fast Pass: This pass allows you to make your purchases without waiting in the main line during the pre-sale (there will be a special checkout station).

1 shift = 4 hours

Whether you like to move, organize or provide excellent customer service, we have a place for you!  Some of the assignments come with hidden benefits, such as:

  • Drop-off workers get a sneak peak at the inventory.
  • Sales floor workers get to put their merchandising skills to good use.
  • Pickup and donation workers get free hangers.
  • Clothes/Toy runners get their steps in for the day!
  • Check-It table workers get to problem-solve and help shoppers.
  • Seated jobs:  Tagging service, barcoding, drop & go, and check-it table.

Join our team

Worker Pre-Sale:  Mon, August 21

2pm-8pm: Workers with any 3 shifts, set-up & teardown workers

5pm-8pm:  All workers

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Please finalize work shifts by August 1.  No further changes to work shifts can be made online through your account after that time. Thank you!