Shopping Tips

We love for our shoppers to find great deals and leave ecstatic, but we realize that a blitz-style sale such as ours can get a little hectic! Here are some guidelines for making the most of your Little Treasures shopping experience:

  1. Bring a laundry basket to carry your items while you shop. We’ll provide some, too.
  2. If you are bringing small children, they must be supervised at all times. Please do not allow them to play with toys unattended. We need to protect our consignors’ items.
  3. Use our “CHECK-IT” table to inspect your finds before you purchase. We will have a station set-up as you proceed through the checkout process.  Someone will be there to assist you in opening sealed items, testing items that need to be plugged in, etc. to make sure they meet your approval.
  4. If you bring in a stroller, we will give you a “stroller tag.”
  5. Do not use “for sale” strollers as shopping carts.
  6. Please make use of our discard tables for unwanted items.
  7. If you wish to purchase a large item, see the attendant in that area so that he/she can mark the item and give you your claim ticket. Take the claim ticket to checkout. Pickup your large item by showing the attendant in that area your receipt and claim ticket.
  8. When you come to the check-out area, do not remove any tags.
  9. Do not leave your selections unattended. They may be mistaken as discards and get put away.
  10. We accept cash or credit cards. We appreciate cash, but if you use a credit card, the minimum purchase is $20. A $1 fee will be added to card purchases under $20.

Happy Shopping!