Register to Sell

You will be directed to Paypal to pre-pay $15 registration fee, which covers a small portion of the cost of marketing and event space.  We will print & mail your barcodes to you if you submit your order by the deadline.  Otherwise, you can print your own barcodes at home or we can print them for you at drop-off.

You have 2 registration options:

  1. Print-&-Mail barcoding:  Submit your barcodes online June 15 – July 15, and we will print them and mail them to you.
  2. Print-my-Own barcoding:  Enter and print your own barcodes through your seller account using Avery 5160 labels.  Available July 16-Aug. 15.
  3. Tagging Service: This service is FULL for Fall/Winter 2018.


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