How to Tag Items

3 Options for the tag:

1.   Use our tag template (Download) and print on card stock.

2. Use 3×5 index cards safety pinned vertically.

3. Buy pre-cut tags during the sale for next time (100 for $1).

Attaching tags:

  • Tagging Guns:  Attach our tag to the inside garment tag or at a seam. Warning:  tagging guns do make holes in garments if not tagged appropriately.
  • Safety pins: Pin the tag to the right side of hanging items (if you’re looking at it face up, not the anatomical right side for all you medical pros out there).
  • Position the safety pin horizontally about 2 inches from the top of the tag to prevent ripping.
  • Use safety pins…no straight pins. Ouch!
  • We do not recommend Dollar Store safety pins.  They bend easily and pop open.
  • For extra security, place packing tape over the safety pin & tag.
  • For shoes: Zip tie shoes together and place a smaller version of the tag with the barcode label on the inside sole of the shoe. Consider writing your seller number and price on the sole.
  • Use STRONG tape, string or zip-ties to attach cards to plastic toys.
  • For odd shaped toys and other non-clothes items: If the tag can’t be securely attached with packing tape, zip tie or safety pin, please affix barcode directly to the object.
  • For large items that shoppers cannot carry, we will provide claim tickets for you to fill out at drop-off. Please have your barcode & tag ready to attach to the claim ticket.

Filling out tags:

  • The following information should be on every tag:  Seller #, size (numerical), and description.
  • Enter a “D” if you’d like the item to be DONATED at the end of the sale.  If you are participating in DROP & GO, a “D” must be on each tag.
  • Leave space at the bottom of the tag for barcode label REQUIRED.
  • Affix barcode labels to the bottom of the tag for each item.
  • Why do I need a description of the item? Good descriptions are helpful for shoppers, and they allow you to call out great brands, number of pieces, etc.  Also, if a tag falls off, we have a system to keep items out of lost and found.  Good descriptions are key.
  • For teen clothing, please write “TEEN” on the tag.
  • Avoid S, M, L, XL for the size. Give them a number size instead. (ex. Target Med = 7/8).
  • Group clothes by size & sex for quicker drop-off.

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