Drop-off & Pick-Up Info

Drop Off (by appt)*:  

Thur, August 17 (5pm-8pm):  those signed up for tagging service only (THIS OPTION IS FULL)

Fri, August 18 (9:30am-8pm):  DIY sellers only (no tagging service)

Sat, August 19 (9:30am-8pm):  DIY sellers only (no tagging service)

Re-Stock:  Wed, August 23  4-7pm  (Re-stock is limited to 100 extra items – hanging clothes sizes 2T- 14/16 only, toys and large items.)

Crafter/Vendor set-up:  Sun, August 20   4-6pm

*Special Drop & Go option for those donating ALL leftovers (see below for details)


Before Drop-off

Attention DIY sellers! Please double-check the following:

  • All items are hung with hook facing left (like a question mark)
  • All items have tags
  • All tags have barcodes
  • Clothing is grouped by size & sex (very important!)
  • Items too large to carry are tagged at drop-off with claim tickets
  • Well-organized = Quicker drop-off

Drop-off Procedure

You have 3 drop-off options:  1. By Appointment, 2. Drop & Go, or 3. Tagging Service.

1.Drop-off appointments are necessary for all sellers who do not plan to donate leftovers. Sign up for a drop-off appointment through your seller account online.

  • Arrive on time for your scheduled appointment.
  • Sign in at the cash register area and receive pre-sale tickets.
  • Order extra barcodes (if needed).
  • Proceed to the 3 inspection areas in any order you choose (1. clothes & shoes, 2. large items, 3. everything else).
  • Follow-up with the inspectors processing your items to confirm that inspection is complete. They will return anything to you that couldn’t be accepted.
  • Please allow 20-30 minutes for drop-off.

2.  Drop & Go is an opportunity for those who designate ALL leftover items to be donated to our partner charities after the sale. It’s simple:

  • All tags must be clearly marked with “D” so we know to donate.
  • Allow your items to be sold at 1/2 price since you are donating leftovers.
  • Group them by size & sex.
  • Arrive during Fri/Sat drop-off hours. The last Drop & Go shift is Sat, Aug 19 at 1pm.
  • Sign in & pick-up pre-sale tickets.
  • Proceed to the Drop & Go inspection area.
  • Leave your items with the inspectors there. You do not have to wait for your items to be inspected since we will donate anything we can’t accept.
  • Please only bring in items that you intend to sell (tagged with “D”).  We cannot house/handle items intended for donation only.

3.  Tagging Service is an opportunity for those who want us to hang, tag, and price for them.  THIS OPTION IS CURRENTLY FULL.

Here’s how it works.

  • Drop-off onsite Thur, Aug. 17 from 5-8pm only.  Be sure to sign in and complete the tagging service agreement.
  • Earnings are 50% of what you sell. An additional $8 will be deducted from your proceeds as part of your registration fee (pre-pay $12 + $8 deducted from sales = $20 registration).
  • Check what we accept at this sale.
  • Pre-inspect your items for flaws.
  • Bring 30-200 items in containers that you do not need back.
  • Items must be CLEAN & neat.
  • Toys should be organized with all pieces/parts included. (For ex. Put toy sets in separate Kroger bags so we know what pieces go with which toys).
  • Bring clothes on hangers OR lay them flat in your bins/boxes.  Fold outfits together.
  • If you have a handful of wire hangers, please bring them. Otherwise, supplies are provided as part of your registration fee.
  • Please only bring in items that you intend to sell.  We cannot house/handle items intended for donation only.

Pick Up Day:  

Tue, August 29  4pm-7pm

Pick Up Procedure:

1. Enter and look for your designated rack of hanging items & row of non-hanging.

2. Pick up your unsold items (pre-sorted into consignor groups of 50. ex. #1000-1049).

3. Check the lost and found.

4. Checks will be distributed at pick-up. If you don’t plan to attend pick-up your check will be mailed to you within 7-10 days.

5. Feel free to grab some hangers for our next sale. They go quickly, so come early if you need hangers, or stay and help un-hang some of the donations.

6. We cannot be held responsible for any items that you leave behind. Items not picked up by 7pm on the designated pickup day will be donated to a local charity. We cannot make any exceptions due to the tight deadline we have in cleaning up the venue. Thank you for understanding.