Seller FAQs

Q: Do you have limits?

A:  Yes, due to space limitations and a solid evidence of what sells and what doesn’t. Here are seller limits:

  • 500 total items per registration
  • Best 10 pair of shoes (per gender), so 20 pair max. per seller
  • Best 50 hanging items for sizes NB-12mos (per gender).
  • Outfits/Play clothes should be on hangers, not in bags.
  • We no longer accept maternity clothing, bedding & some home decor.
  • Sorry, no re-stock this sale due to space and time limitations.
  • Teen items limited to teen sizes and teen styles. Please write “TEEN” on tags.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: We highly recommend that you limit the amount of time you spend prepping & tagging NB – 12 mo. clothing. Those sizes don’t sell like 18 mo. and up, so start with your larger sizes, work your way down to the smaller and pick only your best for this season.  NB – 12 mo. should be limited to 50 hanging items.

Q: Do I have to use wire hangers?

A: Wire hangers are required for pants, safety pinned to the top & facing out. We do not require wire hangers for tops, however, they work best for securing your clothing. Flat dept. store hangers break during the sale. Clothing slips off of tubular plastic hangers. Both scenarios end with clothes on the floor instead of sold and out the door.

Q: Where can I find wire hangers?

A: You can find packs of wire hangers at most Wal-Marts and Dollar General Stores. Adult size wire hangers work great.

Q: Can I use a tagging gun?

A: Yes. However, our tag MUST be attached to the garment tag (inside the collar or waistband) or at a seam (underarm preferred) to prevent holes. Do not use your tagging gun to attach pants to a top to create an outfit.  Safety pins must be used in this instance to attach both pieces to the hanger.

Q: How should I price my items?

A: We recommend starting by knocking 70%-75% off what you paid for it. Then adjust slightly up or down based on brand name (European & boutique hold their value a bit better), demand, age of the item and quality.

Q: What’s the difference between a tag & a barcode label?

A: Little T price tags consist of TWO pieces: the tag and the barcode label. The TAG should contain a size & description for each of your items. The BARCODE is a sticker that contains your seller number, price and discount preference for 1/2 price day and should be placed at the bottom of the tag. BARCODES must be ordered through your seller account online. TAGS can be printed on cardstock using the tag template on the “Downloads” page. You may also use 3×5 index cards (vertically) as tags with the barcode label stuck to the bottom.

Q: What’s the best way to prevent tag switching?

A: Place packing tape over top of the tag and safety pin. Use good descriptions on your tags!

Q: Can I re-use barcodes from previous Little T sales?

A: Yes. As long as you consign with us, your consignor number will remain the same as will your barcode labels.

Q: What information does the barcode contain?

A: Our barcodes tell us who the item belongs to, how much it costs and whether it will go 1/2 price on discount day.

Q: How do I tag large items?

A: If a large item is odd-shaped and a tag + barcode cannot be securely attached to the item (with packing tape or zip tie), you may place the barcode label directly on the item.

Items that are too large for shoppers to carry will be tagged using a special claim ticket provided at drop-off. You still need to order barcodes for these items and create tags for them, just don’t attach them to the item until you receive further instructions at your drop-off appointment.

Q: How do I tag shoes?

A: Zip tie the shoes together (at the back) and place the barcode label directly on the in-sole of the shoe. Jot the shoe size on the barcode label and place a piece of tape over the barcode. For added security, use a pen to write your seller # and price on the bottom soles.

Q: How should I package and tag DVDs & books?

A: If selling single DVDs or books, place the barcode label directly on the exterior. If selling multiples, package in a large ziploc, tape the ziploc closed and place the barcode on the outside of the bag. If you use a tag to describe how many & what kind, simply drop it inside the bag before sealing closed. *Important: DVDs must have a case and please double-check that the correct DVD is inside the case. Double-check books for torn pages.

Q: How should I package and tag puzzles?

A: First, we need you to say the puzzle pledge:  I promise to make sure my puzzles have all their pieces, even if that means I need to work each puzzle before I put them in the sale. Puzzles must have all pieces. If they fit in ziploc bags, prepare as you would books (see above). Or you can saran wrap the puzzle with pieces in place then tape the wrap and affix barcode to the outside. OR you can place all the pieces in a small ziploc and securely tape the bag to the puzzle frame.

Q: Do you accept VHS?

A: No…Sorry, we no longer accept VHS at our sales.

Q: Do you accept MyConsignmentManager tags that are used at other sales?

A: No. Our scanners cannot read MyCM barcodes, and we’ve had issues when checking out items that have not been re-tagged with our barcodes. So if you participate in other sales, we do recommend removing the MyCM tag/barcode and re-tagging with our tag/barcode to ensure you get credit for items sold.

Q: After the sale is over, how do I find my items?

A: Your items will be re-sorted back to one rack that is clearly marked with a range of seller numbers. Find the rack that contains your seller number. Non clothes items are sorted in rows with the same range of seller numbers. Your things will be among 49 other sellers’ items, so be careful to only select your things from the one rack and the one row. You will then go through a post-inspection process to verify all items are yours. Pickup your check and you’re on your way!

Q: What does the registration fee cover?

A: Registration fee helps offset the costs associated with marketing, space rental & the supplies we provide to you. We publicize our sale through digital advertising, email blasts, sponsorships, advertising and public relations. Little T has become one of the most highly anticipated kid’s sales around, and registering to sell allows you a one-stop opportunity to earn big and save a bundle at one of our special pre-sales for registrants.

Q: How do I track what items sell?

A: Our sale is simple. We do not track specific details of items (i.e. boys shirt size 4T). Our system tracks what price points are scanned under your number each day. That information is available for you to view online in your seller account at the close of business each day of the sale. The best way to track your items is to save copies of your tags, create a simple spreadsheet or have in mind how many $4 items you had, $5 items and so forth. As with any sale of this kind, some loss can be expected. If you feel that your remaining items and your payout do not match, we have a claim form you can fill out after pickup for us to review and respond.

Q: Can I transfer items from one Little Treasures Sale to another?

A: Typically, yes. If you are a seller with the Louisville sale and you decide to participate in the Florence sale, you may request the same seller number for your subsequent sales by contacting that sale operator. If your original seller number is available for your secondary sale, your barcode labels will automatically work at that sale. We do not physically transfer items for you. If you choose to participate in 2 sales, you must register for both sales, attend pickup day at sale #1 and drop off day at sale #2.  Your items will go through a 2nd inspection for sale #2.  This is simply because if it did not sell during the first event, there is usually a reason (ex. over-priced or a small flaw missed during the first inspection).  This way you also have an opportunity to reduce the price.

Q: How does your vendor program work?

A: We offer an opportunity for local crafters and at-home businesses to market their products and services to our customers through an affordable vendor program. Check out the “Vendor” page on the web site.